Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Granny Love

I thought I would cheer up this grey day with some lovely colourful photos of my nephews Granny square blanket I'm making! I started making lots of squares in the summer and I haven't been doing it all that time but I keep dipping back into it and making more squares!
I have made so many squares and it's still not enough!! It's lucky I love crocheting so much! It's certainly not the quickest blanket to make but it does look so lovely even if I do say so myself!
I started sewing up the first couple of rows on new years eve (yeah I know how to live!!!) and it has now grown quite a lot since then. I've now sewn up 132 squares which makes almost a square blanket!! I've been really trying the get it done lately so hopefully it shouldn't take too much longer but we will see!!
I've been creating today but can't show you what I've made yet but hopefully I will have something scrappy to share soon!
Anyway better pick up my hook and get back to it!
Back soon!

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