Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Let it snow...

I am feeling a lot better now after my nasty cold. Its still about a bit but not too bad thank goodness!
Anyway here's some more Christmas journal pages to share with you.Day 3- the Christmas tree on the triangle in our village.Day 4- I spent the whole morning in church with the kids from school. They had a lovely, festive morning making Christmas cards, stain glass windows and a candle decoration. I was helping them make the Christmas cards, I was in charge of the glitter! They were really good and I really enjoyed it even though it was freezing in church as the heating was broken! Day 5- a double page as we went to London to see the Christmas lights. They were amazing.

Day 6- Is my sister and Brother-in-law's Christmas tree as they got it and decorated with them. It was funny buying a tree from the pavement! My sister saw these tacky robins in the pound shop and had to get them she loved them! One was even made to come home with us! And Claire if your reading this, he is sat on our tree!!

There is more to share, so I be back again with those. I am quite far behind again so I need to catch up hopefully in the dead days after Christmas I can get quite a bit done.

We did have some snow! It was a lovely surprise to see it all white. I love snow! It is still white here but I don't think it will be for much longer as it's now raining, which is a shame it couldn't hang around until Christmas. We are lucky though to of had snow twice this year and so close to Christmas.

I can't believe it Christmas eve tomorrow! I am at home for Christmas with my family. My brother and sister are coming for Boxing day which will be nice to spend the day together.

If I don't get back before then I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas!

As always thanks for looking. xx

Friday, 18 December 2009

Start of my Christmas Journal

I finally have got around to photographing my Chrsitmas journal so here are the first few pages. I've had a bit of a catch up and I've have made a lot more pages but these are to start off with! I'll be back with more soon!

I'm still not up to date with it but I have caught up quite a bit. I'm really enjoying making it it does make you feel more festive. I really love using the October afternoon very merry papers, they look great. I've also added a few other bits and pieces that I liked.

We decorated our tree last night and we are putting the rest of the decorations up today so Christmas has well and truely come!

It's really cold and frosty out but we haven't had any snow yet unfortunately, but theres still time!!

Thanks for looking. xx

Friday, 11 December 2009

Festive things

Well, I don't know where the days have gone! I'm still here! I've been quite busy, so here's a bit of what I've been up to. There's no Christmas journal to show you yet, I need to photograph it so I will be back with that soon, also need to catch up with it!

First up is the advent calendar I made for my nephew. I bought it before last Christmas but I decided he was a bit young for it then. It was just a piece of material like this. After I was finished with it looked like this!

I stitched all the pockets on with the sewing machine and added some wadding on to Santa for the edges on his coat.
I cut out Rowan's name from felt and stitched it on with blanket stitch and then quilted it. I added wadding to the back and stitched around santa's face and chimney to hold it in place. I added a rod to hold it straight and put some nice festive red material on the back. I filled it with Pepper Pig jigsaw pieces as Pepper is his favourite thing at the minute! Thought jigsaw was a good thing to put in it for his age, I also give his mum some chocolate coins for it too! It was quite a lot of work but I was really pleased with how it turned out in the end and Rowan loves it and that's the main thing!

I have been doing quite a few festive things which are all or will be in my Christmas journal! I went to London at the weekend to see my sister and Brother-in-law and to see the Christmas lights. The lights were amazing, I took lots of photos for my journal but here's a little taster!
Hopefully we will be getting our tree this weekend, I love real Christmas trees you can't beat that smell true Christmas! I'll be back soon. xx