Thursday, 9 February 2012

CJ- 19 to End

I have finally finished my Christmas Journal, I'm really pleased I managed to finish it! So here are the last pages, be warned this post is a bit photo heavy!!
Day 19- Singing carols around the triangle at our outdoor village carol service! 
 Day 20- I made these tree top cupcakes!
 Day 21 New Tunes, our new festive CD for this year! You've got to love a bit of Michael Buble!
 Day 22- Baby Jack, my cousins baby came to visit!
 Day 23- I decorated the our Christmas cake, you can't really see it in the photo but it looked very pretty with white, sparkly snowflakes!
 Day 24- I finally got my hands on my new camera. I ordered it in plenty of time but I found out it was a dodgy website, luckily I got my money back and another lovely company managed to deliver it in time!
 Day 25- Christmas day! We spent it at my Brother's for the first time, we had a lovely day!
Day 26- Boxing Day, had a lovely dinner with family at my aunties and played some games!
 Day 27- We had our close family Christmas day!
 Day 28- A special Gift, my sister knitted me a lovely hat!
 Day 29- Invites, I got back to work on the wedding invitations and set up a production line!
 Day 30- My Brother's Birthday went to see him, baked him a cake then we had Fish and Chips on the sea front, sat in the car in the rain, lol!
 New years eve- went to my sister's had a look around the shops and then spent the evening in front of the telly!!
 Last sum up page!
I'm really pleased with this album I think it's my favourite out of the three I've made, it's a great size and shape too so might do it the same next year!
Back soon! xx

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  1. Beautiful Christmas journal! I'm so glad you got it finished!! I still have 3 days left of mine to finish and I'm soooo uninspired now! :( I Love all the edges and doodling!! So fun!


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