Friday, 29 January 2010

The End

Here's the final instalment of my Christmas Journal for 2009! I finally managed to finish it! I have really enjoyed making and recording every day of Christmas but I'm so glad it's finished! It will be great to look back on all the small things that we forget about. I will definitely do it again.
Christmas Day- double page.

Here's what they look like together.
Boxing day- another double page.

Here they are together.

Day 27- Gifts. I thought I would record some of my favourite presents I was given this Christmas.
Day 28- Scrabble. We played this quite a lot this year! My nan is the Scrabble Champ in our family!

Day 29- This is the first day I actually got stuck on as we didn't do much! So I put photos of the Christmas lights in Bath that I haven't included yet, they were pretty!

Day 30- My brother's Birthday. We took a cake around for him and stayed for the afternoon and then he made tea for us.

Day 31-1 New years eve. We just have a quiet evening with family friends.

2010- It's all over! The decorations came down.
The front cover- I finally did the front cover last!

Here's what I did on the spine so I can tell what it is when it sits on my shelf!
I need to do some proper layouts now. I have got one to show you but I'll leave that for another time now!
It's been a busy week for me this week. I spent quite a lot of time looking after my nephew and I also haven't been feeling that well so I could do with a few quiet days to recover!
It's my Dad's Birthday tomorrow so he wants to do something nice so it won't be quiet tomorrow!
Have a nice weekend. xx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Something different!

I thought I would show you something different today give you a break from the journal!! It is nearly finished, only a couple of pages left so the last instalment is coming soon!

Anyway here are a couple of layouts that I did a little while ago and I haven't showed you yet as I submitted them for The Studio DT call!

The first one is of our rose in our garden I wanted to create I page to show my Dad how lovely it looks when he doesn't cut it back too much!!
I made my own rose with different size circles and I distressed the edges. I cut the leaves from the paper, glossed them and them put them on foam to raise them up. I then put liquid pearls as the vine.
This one is of my sister's engagement ring. She finally found the perfect ring a whole year after she got married!! It is so sparkly we nicknamed it 'The bling ring' and it's stuck! You can't really see on the first photo of it but I used silver shimmer mist behind it.

A few small cards I made recently.
I went to see the pantomime in Bath on Friday with the kids from school the whole school went! They were very good and joined in at all the right places! It was a really good panto this year, better than last year, it was really funny and they were even flying!
I've been really busy with my teddy work this week. I applied for more teddy makers from the charity and I've had quite a few replies so I've been making up lots of test teddy kits for them.
That's it's for now. I'll be back with the last of my Christmas journal!
Thanks for looking.

Friday, 15 January 2010

More journal.

Day 13- Listening to song songs, some of the favourites!
Day 14- We went to the triangle in our village and sang carols with the brass band. We had mulled wine and minces pies in half-time, yum!

Day 15- 106, the amount of cards I made and sold this year.

Day 16- Our stockings,(which are material sacks really) my sister and I made them the year before last. Last year I had the make a new one for the new addiction my nephew, Rowan!

Day 17- We put our Christmas in and decorated it, this was the end result!
Day 18- We put our decorations up.

Day 19- The new decoration on our tree this year that we got at the Bath Christmas market. A little tin snowman.
Day 20- We finished our wrapping up and put all the presents under the tree.

Day 21- Snow, it snowed over night, just a small covering but it was white in the morning!
Day 22- Staff do, my Dad couldn't have a staff do this year as he is unemployed so Mum and I took him out and called it his 'Staff do'! We went to the pub in our village as they have a old train carriage where you can have a meal. It was really nice but a shame it was so cold!
Day 23- Twinkle, I love driving round going places and looking at everyone's outdoor lights. And also peeking through their windows at the Christmas trees all lit up.
Day 24- Christmas eve, Busy day visting people, decorations the cake, prep for Christmas day and I managed to finish off my little robins!

That's where I'm up to at the moment so I'm not doing too bad! I'm only going up to the 1st January. Hopefully I can finish it next week!
I'll be back again soon!
Thanks for looking. xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Exciting news!

I am very excited to tell you I am one of the new members of The Studio design team! I found out at the weekend and I been dying to tell people! I still can't believe it. I'm so excited about joining the team, I can't wait to get stuck in to the challenges. I will join in with 2 challenges a month from February. Take a look here to see one of my layouts that won it for me!

I have lots more to share so I will be back soon but for now I will leave you with a photo of the snow we had last week, it was a winter wonderland in our local woods! We have 4 inch's and it's snowing again now! I love snow and now I have some lovely snowy photos to scrap!!

Back soon! xx

Saturday, 2 January 2010

A festive round-up!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year. Mine was lovely, quite a quiet Christmas day with family with a yummy dinner, I love those 'pigs in blankets'!! A busy Boxing day with my brother and his little family and sister and brother-in-law. I got lots of lovely presents, nothing big, just lots of small ones which was great!
I was going to show you some photos but I have lots to share so I will leave them for when they are in Christmas journal pages!
First up Christmas cards.
This is a card I made for my Dad to give to my Mum. I made both these cards from scraps, amazing what you can do with some scraps!
These are the cards that I sold.I had to show you these little chaps! I saw a picture of some similar in a magazine and really liked them so I decided to make my own! They are little felt robins, they are the same on the back and are stuffed in the middle. I'm really pleased with them. You can't see on this photo very well but one of them has a glittery red breast! I have called them Bob and Rob!!

Here's some more Christmas journal pages 7 to 12. Sorry I've been a bit slow uploading them. I still need to catch up again!
Day 7- The first festive milk bottletops arrive!
Day 8- I got an unexpected gift in the post from my penfriend.
Day 9- The school nativity, a Cock-a-Doodle Christmas it was brilliant!
Day 10- Shopping in Wells.
Day 11- We made LOADS of Mince pies!
Day 12- We went and picked our tree and brought it home.

Well that was quite a long post, I think I've caught up now! There will be more journal pages to share soon!

Hope 2010 is a good year for you!

Take care xx