Tuesday, 27 September 2011


It was my sister-in-law's 30th Birthday last week so I of course I had to make her a cake! I went very bright and colourful for this one!
I cut the stars out and attached them to wires so they would 'spring' out the cake! I made a coloured cake too, first time I've done this, it was pink/red marble, not that the marble worked that well! 
The 30 are candles, they looked great alight!! My sister-in-law liked it so that was good!

Sketch 267 went up on Scrapbook Challenges last week too, here my take on it!
It's a bit different for me! Quite simple, circles, a couple of buttons and I hand stitched down the sides of the photos.
Sorry I haven't been around much, I seem to have a lot to get done lately, also started a new venture so been setting that up but more on that some other time!

Thanks for stopping by.
Back soon with more! xx


  1. Your sis is one lucky duck that cake looks yummy!

  2. Your take on SC's sketch is fantastic! I have decided that this year I will perfect my hand-stitching, such a great look!
    That cake is fantastic! My sister & I make cakes and it is no easy task! Your sister-in-law is very lucky!


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