Friday, 29 January 2010

The End

Here's the final instalment of my Christmas Journal for 2009! I finally managed to finish it! I have really enjoyed making and recording every day of Christmas but I'm so glad it's finished! It will be great to look back on all the small things that we forget about. I will definitely do it again.
Christmas Day- double page.

Here's what they look like together.
Boxing day- another double page.

Here they are together.

Day 27- Gifts. I thought I would record some of my favourite presents I was given this Christmas.
Day 28- Scrabble. We played this quite a lot this year! My nan is the Scrabble Champ in our family!

Day 29- This is the first day I actually got stuck on as we didn't do much! So I put photos of the Christmas lights in Bath that I haven't included yet, they were pretty!

Day 30- My brother's Birthday. We took a cake around for him and stayed for the afternoon and then he made tea for us.

Day 31-1 New years eve. We just have a quiet evening with family friends.

2010- It's all over! The decorations came down.
The front cover- I finally did the front cover last!

Here's what I did on the spine so I can tell what it is when it sits on my shelf!
I need to do some proper layouts now. I have got one to show you but I'll leave that for another time now!
It's been a busy week for me this week. I spent quite a lot of time looking after my nephew and I also haven't been feeling that well so I could do with a few quiet days to recover!
It's my Dad's Birthday tomorrow so he wants to do something nice so it won't be quiet tomorrow!
Have a nice weekend. xx

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  1. What a great record of your Christmas you have made, a real treasure x


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