Friday, 15 January 2010

More journal.

Day 13- Listening to song songs, some of the favourites!
Day 14- We went to the triangle in our village and sang carols with the brass band. We had mulled wine and minces pies in half-time, yum!

Day 15- 106, the amount of cards I made and sold this year.

Day 16- Our stockings,(which are material sacks really) my sister and I made them the year before last. Last year I had the make a new one for the new addiction my nephew, Rowan!

Day 17- We put our Christmas in and decorated it, this was the end result!
Day 18- We put our decorations up.

Day 19- The new decoration on our tree this year that we got at the Bath Christmas market. A little tin snowman.
Day 20- We finished our wrapping up and put all the presents under the tree.

Day 21- Snow, it snowed over night, just a small covering but it was white in the morning!
Day 22- Staff do, my Dad couldn't have a staff do this year as he is unemployed so Mum and I took him out and called it his 'Staff do'! We went to the pub in our village as they have a old train carriage where you can have a meal. It was really nice but a shame it was so cold!
Day 23- Twinkle, I love driving round going places and looking at everyone's outdoor lights. And also peeking through their windows at the Christmas trees all lit up.
Day 24- Christmas eve, Busy day visting people, decorations the cake, prep for Christmas day and I managed to finish off my little robins!

That's where I'm up to at the moment so I'm not doing too bad! I'm only going up to the 1st January. Hopefully I can finish it next week!
I'll be back again soon!
Thanks for looking. xx

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  1. great job with your album. I wish I would remember to create one of these. I've been taking about it for 3 years now and still have not done one. Maybe this year
    :D Diana, The Studio


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