Monday, 28 January 2013

Mixed Media Canvases

 I don't if you know but I have a love for creating mixed media canvases! I sell them in my shop and Etsy shop too. I thought it was about time I started showing some of my creations on here so here are a few of the canvases I've sold recently!

'She lives her life with beauty and grace'
This one went all the way to America!

These were made to order for Christmas presents, name canvases, I make them with any name on.
I loved getting all girly with these!

This one has shimmer mist and gems on so it really changes it light!

I really love making them and find it really easy as if you make a mistake it doesn't matter or if you don't like something you can just change it!
Hope you like them! xx


  1. Beautiful Anna - I keep thinking about the She Art course and actually having a really messy play making some canvases...yours are gorgeous.

  2. these are so pretty! i love them! i want to make one (or two) of them myself!


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