Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fish Cake

It's been a busy few days here as it was my Dad's 60th Birthday yesterday so we had a weekend of celebrations! Saturday I made this cake for his party that was on Sunday. My Dad is a keen fisherman but he rarely catches anything so as a bit of joke I decided to make him a fish cake! 
I didn't want to do just a fish as I looked at them on the web and they looked a bit funny, like a fish on a plate! I came across a similar cake and decided that that would be better and you don't have to do the middle bit of the fish!!
My Dad loved it, he said it was the best cake that I have made but he would say that as it was his!!

I am determined to finish my Christmas journal and I won't let myself make any layouts until it's finished! Only a few pages to go now, then I can create!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Back soon! xx

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  1. Wow Anna! That is an amazing cake!! Your Dad must have loved it!


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