Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pirate Party

Today is my little nephew 3rd Birthday, Happy Birthday Rowan! I was asked to make lots pf pirate cakes for his Birthday. The first lot were pirate cupcakes for his party with all his little friends.
 They were a lot of hard work but really pleased with how they turned out in the end! Here's a little close up!
 The next cake was a big pirate cake for his party today for all the family!
 I wasn't sure about the face on this one as I thought the cupcakes had cute little faces, but it didn't work so well bigger! I punched out some gold circles to put around the board like gold coins!
 He seemed to like it anyway!!
These cakes have certainly kept me busy this week!
I had a lovely time at his party today, luckily the weather was gorgeous so it was a garden party and barbecue which was lovely!

Thanks for stopping by, back with some layouts soon! xx


  1. Super cool!!!! Love both the cake and the cupcakes!

  2. OMG those cakes are AWESOME!!!


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