Friday, 26 August 2011

I Love Crochet!

It's official I caught the bug for Crochet, I'm loving it!! Here's a post just for my crochet! I must show you my finished baby blanket, I finished it about a couple of months ago now and I just given it to my cousin and their new baby and they really LOVED it!! I went to visit them the other day and he had it around him the whole time!!
Here it is, you may want to put your sunglasses on!
 They loved the bright colours and the baby's mum even said it was the most beautiful thing he had! So it couldn't have gone down any better! Not bad for my first attempt at Crochet, if I do say so myself!
I've now started another couple of crochet projects, I've been busy making Granny squares! I am making a 2 blankets, one for myself and one for my nephew for Christmas hopefully!! They are both in Granny squares, I was going to make my nephew a ripple blanket (like above) but I started the huge row of over 200 chain stitches and decided it was going to be too boring making a big blanket like that especially just after finishing the baby one! I'm loving making granny squares, they are really satisfying as it only takes just over 1/2 hour to make one! I know I will probably get fed up them in the end too!
This is Rowan's in greens and blues, I'm keeping all the outside squares in the same green so hopefully it will all blend together and then you'll just see pops of colour in the middles! (The colours aren't very good in these photos as it's so dull here today!)
And this is my blanket, in pink,yellow, turquoise and light green, summery colours!
Both patterns are from the Attic 24 blog.

That is what is keeping me busy in the evenings as the nights are now getting longer!
Back soon with a special Blog Hop! xx

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