Thursday, 13 January 2011

CJ - Pages 13-23

Here's an update on my Christmas Journal. I'm quite pleased I've managed to get quite a lot of pages done so I don't have that much more to do now! 
The missing page - Day 5- Bath Christmas Market.
 Day 13 - 115 Cards - the amount of Christmas cards I made and sold this year! Handmade embellishment from my shop.
 Day 14 - Our new decoration for our tree this year was this lovely painted bauble.
 Day 15 - I hung up the first 2 rows of Christmas Cards that we had been given. Embellishment from my shop.
 Day 16- Our Christmas tree I gold embossed a chipboard tree for this page which worked quite well!
 Day 17 - Our decorations the same ones that come out every year but it wouldn't be the same without them!
 Day 18 - Snow day, we had about 3 inches of snow over night, we had friend over for the day. This page is on one of my snowflake transparencies.
 Day 19 - Visiting, went to see my Nan and put up her decorations and then went to my auntie's for lunch.
 Day 20 - Singing carols around our village triangle, very christmassy with all the snow around I did wear about 5 layers of clothes though!
 Day 21 - How much? Went out for a meal with my Mum and Dad. Dad ended up having one of the most expensive meals he's ever had, it wasn't even that nice so complained and got the desserts for free. We won't be going there again!
 Day 22 - Spotty, spent the day looking after my nephew Rowan who had Chicken Pox! He was is quite good spirit though so he had a PJ day and we had lots of cuddles! This is his cheesy camera face!!
 Day 23 - Baking spent most of the day baking, we ran out of mince pies already! And I had my hair cut!
So that's where I'm up to at the moment I'll be back soon with the last installment!

I've got a busy couple of days, going to help in school this afternoon and then going to the Panto with the whole school tomorrow so wish me luck!!! xxx

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