Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A couple of projects

I hope you're all enjoying the start of the new year and are ready for all the exciting things that might happen to you this year!
I have a couple of projects to show you that I didn't get around to showing you before Christmas.
I made this present for my Mum and Dad for Christmas morning. I made the shortbread myself and then decorated them with melted chocolate and chocolate stars! I put them in a big clear card bag I had, I'm luckily enough to own lots of this big bags as they were kindly given to me a while ago and they are so useful!
 I then made this quick and easy tag for the top and stapled it on. Mum and Dad loved then and I must say they tasted pretty yummy too! It was very busy before Christmas but I'm glad I took a bit of time to make this for them as it's a bit more special than something you buy in the shops!
 The other thing I had to do was decorate a wedding guest book and a memory box. A family friend asked me to make them for a wedding she's going to. This is the cover of this guest book...
 And this is the inside. If you haven;t guested already the wedding colour scheme was red and white!!
 I kept it all quite simple to match their wedding invitation. And this is the top of the box. I embossed some hearts and covered them with red chalk to make the embossed bit stand out.
 I also added more hearts to the corners of the base of the box.
I haven't been doing much lately as I haven't been feeling very well but I did put in a nice order of scrapping stuff with some Christmas money so I'm really looking forward to that as I haven't had much new stuff for a bit, I will have to cut into that when it gets here!
Thanks for popping by, hope you've having a nice day. xx


  1. Finally I can post on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anna you are a baking goddess!!!!!!
    Shortbread and chocolate hmmmm I think my boyz will go crazy especially the little one!! LOL
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love how you've presented those cookies : )


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