Wednesday, 26 January 2011

End of Christmas Journal 2010!

Finally here's the last part of my Christmas Journal, it's taken longer than I hoped but I wouldn't give up on it as I enjoy it and it's great to look back on. Hope your not too bored with seeing it, I like to think all the pages are different anyway! 
Day 24- Christmas eve - cake A day of prep for Christmas day and I decorated the cake. I actually decorated two cakes this year, ours this one and I also made a smaller one my sister and brother-in-law too!
 Day25- Christmas Day- A family filled day full of lots of presents and yummy food! I really like these Thickers, I've been after some bright red ones for a little so when I saw these in a sale I had to have them along with some other obviously!!
 Day 26 - Boxing day- another family filled day filled with more presents and more yummy food!!!
 Day 27 - Gifts, I like doing a page of some of my favourite presents from this Christmas.
 Day 28 - a chill out day, everyone when home so a quiet day not doing much! I watched a film and you've got to do a bit of Christmas puzzle, with the choccies on hand!
 Day 29- I hit the sales (only went in a couple of shops!) I did get a bargain cashmere cardigan for half price though!
Day 30- My brother, Mark's Birthday. Spent the day with him had a lovely walk along the beach in Weston and coffee and cake. I made him a cake too!
Day 31- New years eve- I night in front of Graham Norton and Jules Holland!! Great fireworks too! More great new sale Thickers!!
End page - A nice quick sum up of December, until next year!
All that's left in to show you the front cover I made my own covers out of a pizza box and  used mist and paint. I might show you how I did this again as I took stage by stage photos.
Over all I'm really pleased with my journal, made completely from scratch. There are always some pages that you like more than others but I can deal with that! I loved used all the different papers and all the different size pages too. I think next year it's time for a change of size I think I've done everything I can with the 6x4 layout!! It is quite nice that last years is the same size as this years but I think I've used all my ideas for this size now! Maybe time to go a bit bigger!

Anyway that's it all over for another year, hope your still awake after all that!!
Thanks for looking! xx

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