Monday, 14 May 2012

A Mixed Title

Another layout I made using the Spring Zing kit from The Make and Create shop. I clustered quite a few embellishments next to this photo of the cupcakes I made for Easter. 
I wanted to make the cupcake tops look like grass so I tried a different piping nozzle with some green icing, didn't turned out quite as I hoped though! I took them down to my brother's and gave one to my nephew and the first thing he said was 'They look just like grass!', that little man knows how to make his auntie happy!!

I have a bit of a Thicker problem, doesn't anyone?!! I have lots of packets with vowels missing or lots of other letters used etc and I can't seen to throw them away!! So I had to find a way of using them some how so I made a mixed title, I really like how it looks though so might have to use more of them and give those poor Thickers a home!!

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