Sunday, 27 May 2012


I don't know where this week has gone, I don't seemed to off achieved much for it!!
I manage to whip up one layout though!
It's of the fish cake I made my Dad's for his 60th Birthday. I was trying out my new wavy template to create a splashy effect!

I had a busy day yesterday making these little chaps!
I made some pirate cupcakes for my nephew almost a year ago for his Birthday and someone saw them and ordered some for her little boys! They do take a while to make but I think they are worth in in the end! It wasn't that nice to make them in this heat though, a bit sticky!

Then last night I went to Bath Abbey to see a jubilee celebration of music with the local choirs, which was nice, it was so busy though that we had couldn't see anything so had to watch it on a screen which was a shame!

Back soon! xx

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  1. cute is that fish how you used paint on the background! And love those little pirates too! :)


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