Monday, 26 March 2012

Party Animals

I had a bit of a emergence last week as I was down to my last sheet of white card stock, it was bad!! Of course I had to rectify the situation pretty quick so put in a order and was relieved then my order came a few days later!! I got to work on some straight away! 
I was sorting through my nephew's album the other day and I noticed there were a few gaps missing, stories that I hadn't scrapped yet. The album is looking really good and is not that far from being finished just these few gaps and it's great seeing him grow up through the layouts so this inspired me to fill them!
Firstly I did this quick and easy layout! 
I tried out my new chevron crafter workshop template, I applied the paint with a sponge so I could get crisp edges and it also gave it texture. I then printed the photos and went through my pot of  shape scraps, things that I was going to use on various projects but didn't in the end! It really made this layout quick and easy! 
Next I made a double layout! I know it's quite a rare occasion but sometimes it has to be done and actually once in a while I really enjoy making them! This doubler is from my nephew's first Birthday, I had lots of lovely photos of him and his little friends in the paddling pool that just had to have a place in the album! This is what I came up with: (Click on it to enlarge)
 I loved the bright colours from the photos so I picked them out with patterned papers and took the round shape from the balls in the pool and punched some circles!
Close up of each side:

I still working on my nephews Granny square, crochet blanket too, I only have a couple more rows to sew up and then I will start the borders it's quite exciting!! It has been a bit boring sewing up rows though so can't wait to finish those!!

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine where you are, I know I am!!
Back Soon! xx

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