Thursday, 14 October 2010

I won!

Do you remember my layout called Sunny days in my last post that I made for the Sarah's Cards sketch challenge? I only went and won the challenge, didn't I?!! What a lovely surprise, very exciting, and I can now get some free goodies to play with, yay!

I've got a couple more layouts to share with you while I'm here. I made this layout for my shop blog using my kit, Golden Leaves.
I used my new copper shimmer mist on it, it's lovely really shimmery! I like the different textures of this kit.
I saw this fungi had grown in our lawn a few weeks ago, so had to take a photo of it, it's looks a good autumn site.

I made this layout a little while ago but I don't think I've shown you yet. A few weeks ago I felt like getting messy with paints and mists to try out different techniques using them. I had a great time using paint brushes, splashes, brush strokes, an old glue stick lid for the rings, some cross stitch aida fabric (make a great pattern!), piece of card to make paint lines and sequin waste for the mist.  
I did have a different layout in mind for it but it didn't work as well as I thought with it so I did the other layout on a different background and left this background. I was thinking what I could out on it not to cover it up too much so I came up with getting my nephew to do some painting to take photos of it and use his painted hand prints!! He didn't mind he loves painting! 
It kind of looks like my nephew could of done it while he was painting!
I just added some Thickers that I had added paint splodge to and that was all I put on it but I think it works quite well!

I'm off to London tomorrow to see my sister for the weekend which will be nice, it does always seem like we go on the coldest of weekends!! I will have to get my long coat, hat and gloves out I think, if it stays like it is today, I'm sat here with the fire on!!

Keep warm!  I'll be back next week.
Thanks for all your comments, it's great to know I inspire others with what I do! xx


  1. Congratulations! I loved that layout the moment I saw it. And that paint is fantastic - I'm sure you had lots of fun!

  2. congrats on winning!! that is so rewarding, isn't it? and i love your painting layout! so creative!


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