Monday, 31 August 2009

What a view

I'm back from my week away, had a lovely time. We went to Cardigan in Wales. The weather was very changeable but not too bad.
This was our view from the cottage patio doors so there was lots of staring out at the ever changing view. It was tidal so changed quite a lot.
We visited lots of lovely beaches. This was taken on the best sunny day!
This is an amazing unset over one of the beaches, that I manged to capture, quite pleased with the photos of it.
I did manage to find one craft shop while away which was good. I did buy a few bits I wanted. I thought I haven't done much stapling on my layouts so I bought a new stapler with coloured staples.
I also found a market which was selling these gorgeous buttons, I could have bought loads, I love them!!
On Sunday my mum cooked a yummy Sunday lunch, my nan, brother, sister-in-law and nephew came around. It was great to see my nephew as he started walking while I was away. He is now getting around everywhere so everyone will need eyes in the back of their heads!!
Hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday.

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