Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Sketch and a Cake!

There is a new sketch up over at The Studio today, it's another great one too! I kept quite close to it I just swapped the hearts with circles!
I still have printer problems I battled with it this week and now I think I will have to get a new one, I can't complain really the amount it has printed! Luckily I found this photo that I had already printed out and it had to be scrapped! Another cute photo of my nephew, he loved pretending to be a doctor so was given a doctors kit with everything in, we all had to be his patients and he wouldn't take this doctors coat off!!

Last weekends fair I did went really well and here's is the cake I made for last weekend too, the formula 1 car! Or should I say a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, I know this car quite well now, it's this years model too! I must admit this was tricky, the wheels were a nightmare as the cake was so soft and the icing didn't want to stay on!

It was sat on a cake too, I decorated that as the checked flag! Want do you think? Did I pull it off?!!

 Back soon! xx


  1. I love your layout Anna, so much fun :) The photo is too cute!

  2. Wow - you sure did pull it off - this years model too - I'm totally impressed - I'd go with 'it's a car towards the end of the race and the tyres are showing natural wear and tear..' still looks fab!!

    Very sweet Lo as well. x


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