Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wedding Gifts

On Saturday I went to my cousins wedding! It was a beautiful service and the whole day went really well and was lovely! Luckily the weather was amazing, I even got sunburn!! The service was by the river outside and we were all sat on hay bales with butterflies fluttering past!! I'm sure you will be seeing lots of the wedding photos in coming layouts so today I thought I would show you all the gifts I made for them! 

First up a personalised guest book, this is the box for the book. For the word I used the trusted method of, printing out the words wedding guests and scribble pencil over the back and then traced over the top of a light pencil mark for the letters came out! Then I went over it with my gold pen, really pleased with how it turned out!
 This is the front cover of the book:
 Bit of a close up! I made the swirls with dots with more gold pen!
 Inside the guest book, a bit of heart confetti! If your wondering what the fish are about it's because they are wild swimmers!
I also made a lovely heart garland for them which I forgot the photograph, I cut out hearts in the same papers I used and ran it through the sewing machine and then tied little bits of gold ribbon in between the hearts, I loved it!! They put it on their table plan!
 The card I made for them, a lacy wedding cake! I did make another card for my sister to give them but again I forgot to photograph it!
 This is the heart I made with the date and their initials on!
I also helped make the wedding cake and made little cupcakes for them that I will probably show you in another post! So didn't they do well from me?!!

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine at last!
Back Soon! xx

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