Monday, 23 November 2009


Here's a bit of a catch up, I haven't been felling great lately got a bit of a cold about me so haven't been doing all that much but here's what I have been doing!

My sister's birthday meal went well the weekend before last. We had a lovely family day, it felt a bit like Christmas! This is the cake I made her, it was a chocolate and Guinness cake. I hadn't made it before but it went down really well and my sis loved it, which is the main thing! I'm afraid I couldn't quite fit all the candles on!! After lunch we went to a patchwork quilt show it was really good. There were so many different types there. My sister has been making her patchwork quilt for about 3 years so it was good for her to see and to make her want finish off hers. Really looking forward to seeing it finished sis!

I managed to find my album for my Christmas journal. I got it in Paperchase, it's a small kraft binder. I also got the pages that go in it. I'm really pleased with it, I just need my Christmas papers. still waiting for the new October afternoon papers to arrive. They should be here some time this week so fingers crossed! I'm going to use bits of other ranges that I like too.

I went to a Craft fair on Saturday, it was a bit disappointing not all that much there and it was a bit pricey! A little early to be hearing carol singers, it would of helped if they were them singing better!! It was such a awful day, the rain was pouring down so got a bit wet! I hope the weather improves soon.

Nearly finished my Christmas cards, just need to make a few more for my mum and mine. I have currently made about 90 cards so I've done quite well! I am hoping to get them all finished by the 1st so I can get on with my journal. I can't believe it's nearly December!! I am working on present for my nephew that needs to be finish by then so I need to get on with it! Can you guess what it is yet?!!

Anyway think that's about it. I will have some crafty things to show you soon.
Take care

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