Saturday, 28 November 2009


My lovely friend Beki has given me this award, it's a really nice one so I have to pass it on. I can't believe my little blog has been given 2 awards already! Thank you Beks.

I have to tell you 5 random facts about me, let me think!!

1. I climbed up Snowdon when I was about 11 years old and got to the top! I even have a badge to prove it!

2. I lactose intolerant, so I can't eat much dairy produce.

3. I went traveling around New Zealand in a camper van for 3 weeks in 2002. I celebrated my 18th Birthday there by watching whales and dolphins in the wild, it was fab.

4. I love ribbon, I can't get enough of it! Every layout I make usually has some sort of ribbon of it.

5. I have a dog called Jack, he's a black and white Cocker spaniel. He's gorgeous and such good company!

I would like to pass this on to 5 people with blogs that I love, they are:

1. Laura 2. Sarah 3. Reija 4. Angie 5. Rachael

All your scrapping is brilliant!

Right that's it for now, I have more to share, some layouts and some Christmas journal prep so I'll be back soon!

Hope you're having a great weekend. xx


  1. Thanks for my award Anna :) Have done my 5 facts!!!

  2. Thanks Anna!!! I love making people smile, although there are some shared opinions about me actually being funny. I usually do it without any intention to be amusing. Luckily I can laugh at myself too :D. Thanks again for the award! I'll do the answers tomorrow. xo Reija.


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