Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Christmas Journal 2013 - Part 2

Heres the second and final part of my Christmas journal!

I loved making this page, I didn't have a photo of the carols we went to as I forgot my camera so I had to come up with something clever! I drew the people or carol singers and then painted them.
Power cut
The Christmas lights were out and I was looking after !my nephew so I couldn't resist wrapping them around him!
My Christmas makes, I ended up making about 20 of these personalised Santa decorations.
One very proud nephew with his first swimming certificate!
Another Christmas make, I was asked to make Duck from Sarah and Duck the cartoon with no pattern or everything to go by j,ust photos from the internet!
Sunday lunch with family
We went to Bristol cathedral for their carol concert it was amazing so Christmassy with some wonderful singing!
I got to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with 2 of my nephews which was great! Here's Rowan getting ready for Father Christmas!
Christmas day!
Boxing day or christmas day mark 2 with the other part my family!
I put together quite a few pages here as I came down with a really nasty bug, I was SO ill, I even fainted with it so I didn't move for about 2 weeks, I can't tell you how many films I watched!!
So as you can imagine, my new years eve was spent sat in front of the telly with a glass of water, it was rocking!!!
Sum up page
 Back cover
That's it all finished! Hope you got to the end and enjoyed seeing it! Xx

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