Friday, 22 April 2011

Start of the Tuscany Tales

I've finally got a couple of pages to show you from my Tuscany Album! It only taken nearly a year to start it!! I think finding that pad of papers really helped as they go really well with the sunny colours and it will tie the whole album together. I have done it in 8.5x11'' size, I have never scrapped this size before but I'm really pleased I picked this size as I'm really enjoying a change and they seem quicker to make! I'm also scrapping all the pages in Kraft cardstock which looks lovely with the warm colours on! I'm not scrapping it in order I'm just picking photos and I feel like scrapping so be warned you will  see them in a funny order!
First up was a self timer shot in the swimming pool, my brother set up all our cameras on the side of the pool and quickly jumped back in!! It is lovely to have a photo of us all together.
 Next Gelato, which is the Italian Ice cream, it comes in lots of yummy favours! We had one nearly every day of the holiday! This is my nephew enjoying his, mind you he couldn't eat it all so I have to finish it off for him!!
This lovely weather is perfect for scrapping these photos it really puts you in the mood!
There are more pages in the pipe line so I be back with those soon.

Hope you all have a lovely long Easter Weekend and enjoy the sunshine! I'm off out for the day tomorrow so that will be nice.
Back Soon! xx

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