Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pepper love!

I was looking around for some inspiration for these photos of my nephew, Rowan, when I came across sketch, Twisted sketch #43 and thought I would give it a go! I had to scrap about my nephew's Pepper Pig pyjamas as they have been added to the many other Pepper Pig items he has, he LOVES Pepper! Pepper was one of his first words!!
I had a fab weekend in London they was a little incident with the car on the way up just a few miles from my sister's and we had to wait for the roadside recovery but we got there is the end!
Saturday we went to see the Olympic building site! It was great to see, they have built quite a lot already, this is the statium!
The many cranes we could see, there were over 40!
Then in the evening we when to see this, Sister Act! It was amazing I loved it! The set of the church was brilliant and the choirs of nuns sounded fab!

Sunday we went to Hampton Court and looked around the gardens. We had a picnic in it's grounds!
The gardens were lovely, so many pretty flowers and there were some great shaped trees!
It was a lovely weekend but it was tiring so I've needed to rest this past couple of days! I took loads of photos that I will have fun scrapping! The weather was gorgeous, I even caught the sun!

We've got Rowan again tomorrow so hopefully it will be another lovely day so we can be out in the garden playing! xx

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